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Special Needs Tutoring

ACT Tutoring

Special needs Tutoring is one of the most valuable services that a parent can set up for their child living with learning disabilities. Children with learning disabilities face difficulties in a group-learning environment. We all know that the classrooms are crowded with students. It is difficult for the teacher to give separate attention to all students. These students need special tutoring so that they can get full attention and build important learning skills.
St. Augustine Tutoring is offering one-on-one tutoring which is an alternative for these children who need special attention. Our tutors are fantastic and can help your child focus on their academic challenges and feel confident to ask any question which they can’t ask in the group learning environment. They can give full attention to your child and build important learning skills.
Our tutors resolve the study issues of your child and provide them a friendly environment so that they can easily understand the topic. Our tutors are trained as to how to deal with a student who needs specials tutoring. Our certified tutors will give your child other tools to find success. We have tutors who will teach your child new learning strategies which is helpful for your child in understanding.