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How Is A Home School Tutor Better Than A Regular Teacher In St. Augustine, Florida?

Undoubtedly, teachers are considered as education providers. A child gains a lot of knowledge regarding education and other aspects of life from a teacher. Although there are some factors considering which it can be said that a home school tutor is better than a regular teacher. Here are some of the elements which show that a home school tutor is better than a regular teacher in South Florida.


Customized Curriculum


Schools are equipped with a set curriculum, which is the same for every student. It is difficult for a teacher to focus on each student individually. Therefore, students might face problems while learning. On the other hand, school at home programs have a customized curriculum, according to an individual student. A home school tutor understands the needs and interests of each student and plans the curriculum according to that. They involve fun activities and sports in the curriculum to make it engaging for the student. However, education will always remain the primary objective.


Total Focus On Students


If you consider a school, there are almost 30 students in a class, which means the student to teacher ratio is 30 to 1. If every individual student needs the assistance of a teacher, they won’t be able to attend the student. Whereas, school at home programs focus on maintaining the student to teacher ratio of 1 to 1. This helps students to ask their queries without hesitation, and they will be cleared quickly by the home school tutor. 1 on 1 interaction between tutor and student boosts the confid威而鋼
ence of the student, preparing him/her to speak out their mind.


Involvement Of Parents


In a school, the only parent-teacher interaction is through a call or after result meetings. Parents are not so much involved in the education process of the students. While school at home programs include parents in designing the curriculum for their child. The parents are constantly guided by the home school tutors in making the customized curriculum. The home school tutor understands that parents are the first teachers of the student, especially when it comes to students with special needs.


Focus On Special Needs


There are a few students with disorders who need special focus on them. With the busy schedule and set curriculum, a school teacher does not focus on individual needs. Therefore, a home school tutor remains the best option for students with special needs. School at home programs concentrate on individuals and create the curriculum and even the environment according to each student. This makes the student comfortable and ready to learn. The customized curriculum involves exercises and sports, which helps a student to remain energetic and engaged.


In no way, we want to demean the value of a school teacher. But there are some limitations of a teacher that a home school tutor can easily compensate for. If you want a home school tutor for your child, call 904-944-4852, or you can visit to help your child grow and learn.

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