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ACT Tutoring


ACT is a standardized test that is used for college admission in the United States. Selecting the best test prep support of ACT for your child can be challenging. So we prefer you to select St. Augustine Tutoring. We have the best ACT tutors for the best curriculum.
St. Augustine Tutoring always worked hard to provide the best professional tutors to our clients. We are transparent about our results. On the ACT our students increase an average of 3.9 points and many of our student's results are double those averages.
Our tutors are very qualified and are teaching for years. They know how the students manage their time in an ACT. They know the important things regarding ACT and teach accordingly. We assure you that your children are in good hands. We take responsibility for your children's success in this examination. If your child completes our Standard 30-Hour In-Home Tutoring Program and doesn't improve by at least 4 points from his or her baseline score, we'll provide you with an additional 18 hours of ACT tutoring for a subsequent exam for free.